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Last Update: April 10, 2021

Our aim is to take beautiful portraits of every single child we meet. Our systems, experience and creativity provide us with the tools we need to ensure that everyone is given the time and understanding they need to shine in a photo. In an ideal world we would just keep working and working until we had perfection. But working with young children, in a childcare environment, is anything but predictable. Exclusive to HappyPics is our 100% Happy Parent Guarantee. This guarantee is offered to families who prepays for their Photo Day Pack only. While we try our absolute best every time we photograph there are some situations that hinder us taking perfect photos. These issues are usually out of our control and therefore cannot be avoided.

What’s covered in the guarantee:
Not receiving four images of your child(ren)
Receiving photographic print quality that you believe is below professional standard eg. too dark, too light etc.
If your child is sick or absent on Photo Day. This does not include away on holiday.
Portraits that are proven to be below professional standard in terms of sharpness, exposure and resolution.
Visibly crying and upset children.

What isn’t included in the guarantee;

If your child is upset on the day, while we will give them every opportunity to enjoy Photo Day sometimes it’s just simply not worth the stress on them to perform. (*conditions)
If your child does not participate in the class or group photo
If your child is in anyway not looking at the camera in a class photo
Images of similar appearance including, cropping, pose, expression.
More variety of poses
Similar posing for sibling packs
Less than four images of poor quality
If you have prepaid for a Photo Day package knowing you will be on holiday.
Actions: If, for any of the above reasons, you have qualified for a reshoot or refund you must first action this with HappyPics Management within 7 days of receiving your Photo Day package and prints. If it is agreed that we will photograph your child(ren) again, HappyPics will attempt to schedule a convenient time for you to attend our Head Office. If an agreed time cannot be made, a full refund will be issued including your postage expense. You must return your full Photo Day pack to our office in perfect condition. Please address to: HappyPics Management – 23 Warraba Rd North Narrabeen, NSW, 2101. Your original photographs will be edited from our system online and your new images uploaded. You cannot use a combination of images from original shoot and reshoot.

Portrait Sessions outside childcare centre or school grounds; Throughout the year HappyPics will schedule portrait sessions within public places. This can be, but not limited to, parks, reserves and other areas. This service can sometimes be scheduled as a fundraising service. For more detail son this please follow this link. Portrait sessions are booked via a third part booking application, Bookly. No personal information or details is recorded or stored. These portrait sessions are paid in advance and are strictly one booking time per family or child or student. Please note that if for any reason our HappyPics photographer does not want to photograph you or the family or group that you are with, a full refund will be made. No other fees or charges will be applicable from either party.

All portrait sessions are attended by accredited HappyPics staff. Public Liability insurance is taken and full COVID-19 Vaccination certificates are available to view. If any member of your family or group are not fully vaccinated they will be refused to be engaged with and will not be able to participate in our portrait sessions.


Clayton Walker (M.Photog AIPP)

HappyPics Management

HappyPics Photography PTY LTD Privacy Policy;
This Privacy Policy has been published to provide a clear and concise outline of how and when personal information, including photographs taken and supplied, is collected, disclosed, used, stored and otherwise handled by Happypics Photography. The Policy relates to personal information collected by any means and by any technology.

Collection of Personal Information
Personal information is information or opinion from which an individual’s identity and their child(ren) may be ascertained. The nature of personal information collected by Happypics Photography generally comprises an individual’s name and contact details (including address, phone, and e-mail). It also includes their child(ren) name and class name.
HappyPics Photography does not collect personal information unless it is necessary for HappyPics Photography to perform one or more of its functions and activities. HappyPics Photography will destroy personal information when it is no longer required for such functions and activities.
HappyPics Photography will collect personal information from you directly and from your child(ren) Childcare Centre, Kindergarten or Preschool

Use and Disclosure of Personal Information
HappyPics Photography will use and disclose your personal information for the purpose for which the personal information was initially collected.
HappyPics Photography may also use that personal information for a purpose related to the initial purpose of collection. Related purposes might include internal auditing and administration, adding your name to our contact list, or helping us to identify production and delivery of any products or files offered by HappyPics Photography
HappyPics Photography will not use or disclose your personal information for any other purposes without first obtaining your express or implied consent. HappyPics Photography may however be required to disclose your personal information without your consent if the disclosure is:

required or authorised by law;
required in order to investigate an unlawful activity;
required by an enforcement body for investigative activities; or necessary to prevent a serious and imminent threat to a person’s life, health or safety, or to public health or safety.

Image Security

HappyPics will not use or authorise the use of any image(s) taken or supplied without prior consent in writing by the legal parents or guardians of child(ren within those photographs or digital files. This includes use on all social media platforms and any public posting agencies or communities. Consent can only be achieved by receiving signed and dated media release forms supplied by HappyPics Photography as creator and copyright issuer. HappyPics retains the right to present authorised images taken of any person(s) photographed onto HappyPics online platform (childcarephotos.com.au) for the purpose of privately viewing and purchasing images only.

Direct Marketing
From time to time HappyPics Photography may send you information regarding products, activities and upcoming events
If you do not wish to receive direct marketing information, please let HappyPics Photography know. HappyPics Photography will take immediate steps to ensure that you do not receive any direct marketing information in future.

Changes to this Policy
HappyPics Photography may change this Policy from time to time for any reason and will update the Policy accordingly.

System and Security
Accessibility: We may, from time to time perform maintenance upon the website or experience hardware, software or other problems related to the website, resulting in interrupted service, delays or errors on the website. We will attempt to provide prior notice of such interruptions, delays or errors but cannot guarantee that such notice will be provided. When the website is offline we will do our best to get it online as soon as possible. HappyPics Photography will not be held responsible for damage, events or losses directly or indirectly related to the website being offline.

Backup: HappyPics Photography will archive data and any other content on the website onto backup mechanisms on a regular basis for the purposes of recovery. In the event of equipment failure or data corruption, HappyPics Photography will restore from the last known good archive. HappyPics Photography will not be liable for incomplete, out-of-date, corrupt or otherwise deficient data or any other content recovered from our backups.

Security: We have implemented commercially reasonable technical and organisational measures designed to secure your personal information and content from accidental loss and from unauthorised access, use, alteration, disclosure or destruction of data. This also includes physical security measures to guard against unauthorised access to systems where we store personal data. However, you agree that you are required to use reasonable security precautions in light of your access to and use of the website. This includes encrypting any personally identifiable information (such as name, address, telephone number) transmitted to or from, or stored on, the website or storage devices you use.

HappyPics Photography will not be liable for any unauthorized access, or loss of data or any other content.

Transactions Online

All orders placed with HappyPics Photography are completed using our online platform Childcarephotos.com.au

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