Meet The Team.

The HappyPics Team isn’t just a bunch of young, energetic and creative people who love photography. We are the ultimate professionals mixed with a whole lot of fun. You’ll be amazed at what lengths we go to to get that little cute smile.

Odile Orange Peel

Imagine you’re a pirate, imagine you’re a fairy, imagine I have ice cream in my camera…. what flavour would it be? Imagine anything and let me capture your eyes shine and your smiles light up and make my day……. that’s what it’s all about.

Our Sophie

From over the hills and beyond the seas came Super Soph on her unicorn and pockets full of fairy dust. She’ll use her tickling ninja skills whilst making pizza to get the bestest smiles from everyone. If anyone is feeling sad though, she’s the best cuddler in the whole wide world, plus one cupcake.

Miss Jay

When I was young, I had a dream to run away with the circus. I finally got my chance. One day I found a camera and it was there I honed my skills as a photographer. My skill set – Children and lions. I know they say never work with children or animals but you know what? That’s where the magic happens and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Andy Pandy Puddin’ Pie

They call me Andy Pandy Puddin’ Pie cause I love eating pudding and I love eating pie. I love taking pictures, kids are the apple of my eye. I will sing you a song and give a high five and together, we’ll take photos to launch you sky high.


I like to check if my spaghetti is cooked by throwing it on the ceiling. If it falls on my head it’s not cooked. Don’t be suprised if you find some on my head while taking your photo. Please don’t eat it!

Guy The Girl

I only take photos of magical creatures. Every photo I take of a fairy, an elf or a goblin earns me a bit of unicorn dust. Soon I’ll have enough to build my castle in the clouds.

Goldie Locks

When i’m not trying to find the pot of gold at the end of rainbows you can find me trying to find what makes your kids laugh- so that I can get that perfect photo, which is pretty much the same as a pot of gold if you think about it.

Cheeky Charlie

There once was a girl from England, who was always in search of a new-land, She’d had enough of the rain, so jumped on a plane, And ended up loving down under!…..She loved photographing kids, tickles and raspberries she often did, making them smile is the best job by miles! I think she”ll end up staying here for a while!

Tim “Lolly-Face“ Harris

In the magical land of Sydtopia, Tim Lolly-Face Harris is on a not-so-secret mission to photograph all the munchkins across all the land looking as munchkinny as they can be!

Gerrie Mo-Merry

Gerrie, Gerrie Mo-Merry! and you guessed it I like fairies. And of course my monkey friend Brian. He’s the cheekiest monkey I’ve met

Sara Cinderella

Where else would I find workmates who don’t mind my singing and are happy to play pirates, fairies and unicorns whenever I want to?? If this is a dream, I’m happy asleep 🙂


I love everything yellow! Sunshine, Daisies and cheese. Yellow smiles at you, has good vibes, and always looks on the bright side. It’s always happy and having fun so if someone is feeling blue on photo day, I’ll only see the yellow shine through.


Has anyone seen my chicken? and were they wearing underpants:} ? A chicken wearing undies, certainly does seem funny, at least if not a little strange, unless of course it’s in the rain.

Nat Sat On The Mat

Did I tell you I like ice-cream? and not just because it’s sweet but it has a way of making everyone smile. Unless, you get a brain freeze! Did you know that brain freezes are caused by the cooling of the capillaries of the sinuses by a cold stimulus, which results in a narrowing of the blood vessels. Solution, eat your ice-cream slowly 😉

Miss Jo

Fastest printer in the west (and at our HappyPics lab). “I’m obsessed with colour, density, sharpness, colour, sharpness, density, sharpness, colour, no matter how you say it!

Miss Cara

I could never understand what use decaf coffee was. I’ve had a flat-white-with-one from every cafe from Wagga Wagga to Newcastle and without doubt George Clooney makes the best coffee.

Miss Bianca

They made me hold this book and pretend to read it (something we never do at HappyPics) I just look at the pictures anyway


I believe I’m one of the luckiest people in the world. Do you know why? Because I have seen a living, breathing princess. It’s true! Every day when I look into my magic mirror.