Clayton Walker

Founder HappyPics Photography

This might be a new franchise but by no means is it a new concept or invention. This has been a labour of love for years. It’s taken me a long time to understand both the photographic and childcare industries and bring something new to preschool photos. Seeing this business from the aspect of both a photographer and a parent has helped develop HappyPics into the service and franchise we are now proud to offer.

I have been involved in the photographic industry a while. Maybe a ling time to some. I’ve been a wedding photographer, school photographer, real estate photographer, portrait photographer and sometimes an ordinary photographer. I’ve shot every angle, smile and tear imaginable and personally printed almost every image I’ve taken. What I’ve learnt is that nothing is more valuable than a photo of someone’s family or children.

That’s what HappyPics is all about. Our product has such an emotional attachment to it that, done right, sells itself.

The new challenge for us is to find the right team to help us grow. The ideal HappyPics photographer is someone who loves people and can with engage kids. Even better if you can hold a Wiggles tune or hop on one leg and name the entire Paw Patrol Team. It means that not everyone is suited to be a childcare photographer. The training and experience we share with our franchisees is paramount. Any decent photographer can teach someone to take a great photo however, our subjects are generally less than 5 yrs old meaning that HappyPics training is different. This helps our team develop their own craft and style so they can capture stunning little lifestyle portraits and give every child their time to shine. And what parent doesn’t want to see that in their kindy photos!

HappyPics is by far the most rewarding journey I’ve had. The job is now to share this experience

Clayton Walker

M.Photog AIPP
Director HappyPics

  • Opened C41 Digital Pro lab in 1998 – current
  • Gained Master of Photography with the Australian Institute of Professional Photography in 2008
  • Established HappyPics Photography in 2014
  • Developed Tasktrakker CRM for the photography industry in 2015
  • Designed and created technologies for online viewing “”(2014)