Childcare Photography

How does it work?

Our service has been designed to be flexible and fun. Every childcare centre is different and every child is unique so making sure we offer something for everyone is what HappyPics is all about. We want the centre and kids to feel special and proud about themselves and help make Photo day a fun activity for kids. HappyPics service is more than just a photo at kindy.

IF I’M A PARENT: We offer a prepay Photo Day service for families. By registering early you will have the benefit of a cheaper Photo Day Pack plus, if your child is sick, away or just not their usual self on photo day you will receive a refund or reshoot at one of our studios. This is our HappyParent Guarantee.

Whether you prepay for your Photo Day pack or not, HappyPics will still take photos of your child. And, if you have more than one child at the centre we will include sibling photos in your pack.

All registrations, payments and viewing galleries are online and exclusive to HappyPics. If you haven’t already created an account with us do so at childcarephotos find your centre and add your details, that way you can be kept up to date with store wide sales and special we run throughout the year.

IF I’M A DIRECTOR OF A CHILDCARE OR PRESCHOOL: We take care of everything. Emails, posters and flyers for centres and parents are delivered four weeks prior to Photo Week. We can also schedule your entire enrollments to ensure families know what day they are being photographed.

Our exclusive online system takes care of all the registrations, Pre-payments, online viewing and post-shoot reordering. In fact, centre staff don’t need to do anything but have a bit of fun on the day.

On photo day(s), our incredible photographers will photograph everyone. This includes free staff photos, class photos every day and any other fun things that might happen on the day.

After photo week our HappyPics production team will print and pack your photos and deliver back to your centre three (3) weeks after photo week. Guaranteed. You will also receive copies of all staff photos and class photos. Upon delivery, we will also create individual galleries for each and every one of your families. All details to access and purchase images will be supplied to them again, making the whole service simple and seamless for childcare centres.

Packages Available