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Photo Day needs to be enjoyed by everyone and you know what, that’s exactly what HappyPics delivers. Fun!! We love our job so it’s important that you love us too. Our service, products and system has been designed with the help of some very cool Early Learning Teachers so integrating with “typical” centre days is easy. Our team becomes part of the centre’s team.

HappyPics Photographers aren’t just a bunch of fun-loving photographers who can sing any nursery rhyme, hop on one leg and produce a little magic, we’re the best collective of professional photographers on the planet. We are simply the perfect mix of patient, caring, adaptive and creative photographers who deliver beautiful little lifestyle portraits of every child. Guaranteed.

Exclusive to HappyPics

Our online solution for families

We are leading the field in online viewing for parents. Safe, secure and exclusive. We have spent the best part of three years developing our own platform that no other photographic company can compare with. Believe it or not, most online systems show all children who attend the centre to every family or customer. Or there’s no image galleries at all. Our system is built by us, maintained by us and secured by Australian servers that just know how to keep things safe. Families can view and purchase images of their child at anytime, from anywhere and be assured their images are safe. We offer a wide range of photo products to families. Everything is printed produced and delivered right from our offices in North Narrabeen, NSW by a team of incredibly dedicated, passionate and professional people who are only a phone call away should you ever wish to call and say hi to 🙂


What people say about us


I just wanted to share some feedback – we are very impressed with the photos and ease or ordering/service. These are the best daycare photos we have had.


I just wanted to say how great the photos are that I received. I was pleasantly surprised with how amazing they looked – so thank you to you and Happypics.

Sally (Centre Manager)

All of our parents loved their children’s photos so thank you so much for doing an amazing job if you could please let your team know 🙂

Office Hours
Mon-Fri: 9:00am – 4:00pm

23 Warraba Road, North Narrabeen, NSW 2101

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